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About Us

Thorn Ford Dental Laboratory started in 1977 as a family operated specialist removable prosthetic laboratory of 4 people. Today we are a mid-size, complete service operation performing all phases of prosthetics. We have a solution for any restorative or treatment appliance a dentist might prescribe.

Our Mission and Goals

We will provide high-value laboratory service to our customers in the dental profession. This includes the following:

  • Faithful adherence to the letter and spirit of each prescription.
  • Deliver the finished appliance well within the allotted time.
  • Use state of the art materials and technique.
  • Charge fees that reflect costs and a reasonable wage.

We make our service economical for our customers by supplying value rather than by cutting corners. Our ultimate goal is an appliance that is easy at the chair, does what you expect for what you expect to pay and pleases you and your patient.


With FedEx and the postal service as our partners we can serve just about anywhere efficiently. We do a good volume of work in Alaska, and some for the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. We provide shipping labels so there is no cost to you, just as if you were in our driver delivery area. That's Northwestern Washington, specifically the Seattle area and to the North and East. Our facility is located in Bothell, at the North end of Lake Washington.

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Loren Ford CDT, General Manager

Mary Alvin, CDT Denture Department Manager

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